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Rotační nůžky

Rotační nůžky Slice® 10598 jsou bezpečný nástroj bez čepele pro každého, kdo potřebuje stříhat pevné a tenké materiály dlouhými a rovnými střihy. Ať už odstřiháváte jednotlivé listy z velkých rolí novinového papíru nebo stříháte balicí papír a celofán, určitě oceníte tuto statnou ergonomickou alternativu tradičních nůžek. Nůžky 10598 jsou navrženy pro praváky i leváky a mají pohodlnou rukojeť s měkkým vyztužením pro vaše prsty i zvrásněnou opěrku na palec.

  • Nůžky bez čepele
  • Odolná nylonová rukojeť s měkkým vyztužením
  • Bezpečnější než tradiční nůžky
  • Obouruký design
  • Méně zranění, nižší náklady
  • Nevyžadují mazání ani speciální údržbu
  • Lehké a statné
  • SKU #10598

Great for:

  • Slicing gift wrap
  • Cutting paper and stiff cellophane wrap
  • Making long, straight cuts to thin, stiff material

Product Specifications

Cutting Depth:

Material: Styrenic block copolymers, TPS (TPE-s), stainless steel 304, GCr15, GFN, stainless steel

Dimensions: L 5,48 in x W2,68 in x H0,6 in

Weight: 0.088 kg

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  • Rotary Scissors

Časté dotazy

What Are Rotary Scissors?

Rotary scissors are a safe, efficient alternative to traditional bladed scissors. Unlike a standard rotary cutter, which is designed like a pizza wheel, this tool is actually bladeless. It uses two wheels rolling in opposite directions to squeeze and shear the material you’re cutting. As such, it’s extremely safe: fingers don’t even fit into the cutting area and, if they could, there’s no way to execute a cut without the forward movement that sets the opposing wheels in motion. And there’s no way to move forward with fingers in the way.

When Slice® set out to make the best rotary scissors on the market, we looked at how to make a tool that was safer, stronger, and more ergonomic than previous models. With a soft-touch grip, an ambidextrous design, and durable glass-filled nylon handle, we accomplished just that in the 10598 Rotary Scissors.

How to Use Rotary Scissors

Rolling scissors are primarily designed for long, straight cuts. While they can be guided for gentle curves, they’re not ideal for turning sharp corners or following intricate designs. Because this tool is ambidextrous, the same instructions apply to right- and left-handed use.

To use the Slice rolling scissors, wrap your fingers around the handle, resting your thumb on the ridged grip at the front of the tool. Slide the edge of your material between the upper and lower metal wheels. To cut, push the tool forward, engaging the wheels. You may need to anchor the edge of your material to counteract the motion of the tool. While it may take a few practice cuts, the 10598 will quickly become your favorite way of cutting long, straight lines quickly and with minimal muscle effort.

What Can I Cut With Rolling Scissors?

Rolling scissors are best used for long and relatively straight cuts on thin, flat, and somewhat stiff material. Keep in mind that you’ll need to initiate your cut at the edge of the material, so you can’t use this tool to pierce the middle of your material.

Given those guidelines, these scissors are ideal for paper (from standard 20-pound bond office stock) to thin cardstock. While they work on stiff, very thin sheets of plastic or vinyl, they’re not recommended for flexible plastics such as grocery bags or plastic wrap. Retail workers preparing gift baskets will enjoy this more efficient way to cut gift wrap and cellophane. These rotary scissors also work well on craft paper, wallpaper, or newsprint.